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Diamant International Platine
South Korea

Grace Chun

When everyone feels connected and sees their 4Life® team members as family, the organization grows quickly and everyone becomes successful. Unity is one of the central principles of success. One way that I encourage team unity is by setting an example. When a team member achieves success, I show my appreciation and provide support. I try to show my partners that our success is interdependent, and that we can reach our final destination by helping each other and not behaving as if we are competing against each other.
4Life emphasizes teamwork based on the fact that it’s much easier to succeed when you have a strong network of supportive friends. Any successful business person will tell you that it’s the quality of the relationships you cultivate that form the bridge that leads to success.
I reward my partners and acknowledge them in front of the whole team when they have used their strengths for the benefit of all. With 4Life, a commitment to serving others is a source of fulfillment and joy. I love it when I can help my partners make their dreams come true. My ultimate goal is to help each of my team members reach the rank of Gold International Diamond or Platinum International Diamond. As a united team, we can be successful and happy together.