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Carlos & Mapette Urgino

Although we were seasoned business people and networkers before joining 4Life, we had experienced a lot of discouragement. We were initially invited to join 4Life by International Diamonds José Rionilo and Mary Christine G. Torres. We received valuable health support from 4Life products and began sharing our story with our family and friends. When we fully understood the compensation plan, we decided to pursue the business opportunity. Later, International Diamonds Arnold and Jocelyn Alberto became our sponsors.

With perseverance, dedication, and personal sacrifice, we were able to help our business partners achieve many advanced ranks. Promotions within our team include an International Diamond, seven Presidential Diamonds, and 14 Diamonds. We accomplished these promotions within six months, and consider these to be our greatest achievements with 4Life.

As we grow our 4Life business, we often think of the famous John F. Kennedy quote that says, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Even though we’ve received several offers to work abroad, we decided to stay in our country and build our 4Life organization so that we can help improve our countrymen’s lives through this amazing international opportunity. With the 4Life opportunity, our business partners can stay and work in our country and they have the potential to earn more than people who work abroad. This knowledge inspires us to strive and build our 4Life organization, and this is the reason why 4Life has become a mission for us.