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Eduardo Pasquel & Gloria Mora

When we heard about 4Life, we had recently closed our company and were in the process of opening a new business. As with our previous company, however, this new business required that we work a lot and resulted in less time to spend with our children. Despite dedicating our time and effort to our new business, the result was worse than our previous venture.

Fortunately, we had been introduced to 4Life Transfer Factor® and our family experienced the valuable health support that these products provide. Because of this, we were enthusiastic to share these products and the 4Life opportunity with others. This led to the beginning of our career in 4Life.

In the last four years with this company, we’ve achieved dreams that we couldn’t reach during the previous 20 years with other business ventures. We’re grateful to God and to the International Networkers Team for supporting us and helping us achieve success. We’re thankful for the opportunity to help other people improve their lifestyle and finances. We’re delighted with this industry and grateful to 4Life and our organization for their trust and support. We share the 4Life vision of Together, Building People®.