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Florida, US

Edwin & Jinet Crescioni

Our lives were a mess before 4Life. We worked long days and didn’t have any time to spend with our three kids or each other. The years were passing us by, like a bad movie that you watch over and over again.

We are thankful to God for sending angels to our home who introduced us to the 4Life opportunity—our friends and mentors Gold International Diamonds Joel Rivera and Jennifer Martínez. We are so grateful to every single leader for their support and training, and especially to our team members who have believed in us.

Today, our lives are completely different and continue to change in a positive way. We have time to share together as a family, and we are working toward a common vision together with other families. We have a better life and a better future. We are living healthy lives and we have a purpose, thanks to 4Life. Our story is one of inspiration. Believe in what we have accomplished and do everything your heart desires. With 4Life, your dreams can come true.