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Dr. Raymundo Moreno & Luz Dary Feria

After getting my medical degree 23 years ago, I served as a reserve officer in the Colombian army. When I was introduced to 4Life, I was working as a teaching physician at the Naval Base and as well as working in a major hospital, so I had little time to spend with my family. My wife was also working full time, so the care and upbringing of our daughters, Paula Andrea and María Laura, was being done by third parties.

Then, God brought this great opportunity into our lives and everything changed for the better. I decided to give up my jobs and devote two years to developing this grand vision. Today, we’re happy and confident that this project will help many families like ours improve their lifestyle and realize their dreams.

We invite you to discover the purpose God has for you and develop your potential to the fullest each day. You can begin by taking 4Life’s vision seriously and begin pursuing lifestyle freedom.

We’re thankful to 4Life for their excellent products, through which we’ve helped many people receive valuable health support. We’re also thankful the International Networker’s Team and our sponsors Gold International Diamonds Arlette de J. Molina and Osmel Farak, who with patience and love, guided our development as network marketing professionals.