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New York, US

Cristina Duran

I come from a large and humble family where I had to be strong and fight hard. My mom told me if I studied, I would have better opportunities in life. I worked hard and, even with the difficulties I faced, I was able to have a career. However, I was still just someone’s employee. I finally decided to leave my beautiful island, The Dominican Republic, and come to the United States to pursue my American dream.

In the United States, I found only jobs with very low salaries and jobs that required horribly long hours, such as 4:00 am–9:00 pm, so that I never saw my children. I became desperate to make a change in my life.

Believing I would have more time with my kids, I decided to try running my own traditional business. After 15 years, it collapsed. I was left with debt and no income, so I asked God for a better opportunity. It was that day that my friend and brother, Presidential Diamond Carlos Jiménez, introduced me to 4Life. I had lost faith and hope, but that night, the desire to rebuild my dreams was reborn.

Today, I am no longer hindered by challenges and barriers, and I don’t care what adversities say. I am empowered by this vision and I never give up. Without a doubt, 4Life and the International Networkers Team have given me the opportunity to impact lives. Most importantly, 4Life has given me the legacy I was looking for my kids. They are my purpose and my motivation to keep fighting.