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Beatriz Wong

Thanks to God and to International Diamond Roberto Padilla, I accepted the wonderful 4Life® opportunity. The product caught my attention at first because I was in need of valuable health support, and then I realized that this opportunity could help me fulfill my dreams.

I migrated from my country more than sixteen years ago, searching for my dreams. When this opportunity came into my life, I was a jeweler and cleaned houses, since the money from one job wasn’t enough. My life changed a lot after joining 4Life, because after just one year, I was able to leave both jobs.

For the success I achieved through 4Life, I first thank God, and then the educational system of the International Networker’s Team, which has taught me that in order to have, you first need to be. I also owe my success to my mentors, Gold International Diamonds José Martín and Zoraida Rosado, who have given me unconditional support.

Today, I dedicate myself to sharing 4Life in my country and letting others know that there is an opportunity where dreams can come true. My goal is to achieve Gold International Diamond and be able to support and elderly hospice in my own city.