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South Korea

Choi Yang A

At first, I was hesitant to join 4Life despite my sister’s efforts to convince me. Then, I accompanied her to a 4Life Convention in Malaysia, and what I learned there was enough to change my mind. I decided to give it a try. At first my 4Life business was a side job, but once I quit my job and made 4Life my fulltime career, my business grew quickly. I feel satisfied and fulfilled by helping others through 4Life. Instead of monotonous office work, I do work that makes me happy. I am thankful that I can instill bright and meaningful values in my children by showing them the positive changes in my life.

I think that developing positive human relationships is the most important part of building a 4Life business. It’s also important to always support your team members and help them grow their businesses as well. The strong values of the company, the quality products, and the excellent compensation plan make it easy to find success.

My favorite saying is, “When I realize my dream, I become the dream of someone else.” I will continue to grow my business by being a positive example and supporting the dreams of others.