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Arturo & Maru Priego

When I learned about 4Life, I was making a good living as an insurance and bonds consultant. However, I worked 12 hours a day, had financial debt, and poor health, and was always looking for a better solution. In my mind, I could see auditoriums full of people listening to and benefitting from this opportunity.
During the first years with 4Life, it was difficult to build our business because there weren’t many products registered for sale in Mexico—but we worked because of our vision for the future. A few months after starting our business, we learned that 4Life executives were planning to visit Mexico City. At that time we had no money to make the trip, so I joined together with Gold International Diamond Enrique Balboa and International Diamond, and we each collected $800 to travel the twelve hours from Villahermosa to Mexico City. As we traveled we went through a horrible downpour with very little visibility. Instead of arriving in Puebla, we took a detour to Veracruz and then continued to drive slowly all night. It took us 20 hours to make it to Mexico City. We were tired and hungry. Bettina’s mother let us stay in her home and we slept on the floor, but we made it to the meeting in a suit and tie and were able to hear the executives speak. Their words of support made the entire trip worth it.
Today the story is different for distributors in Mexico and we celebrate the growth of this market. Before 4Life, I earned good money, but I didn’t have time to spend with my children. After four years with 4Life, I was able to close my office and can now wake up whenever I want, and do the things I couldn’t do before because I was limited by time or money.
Today, I do see stadiums full of 4Life Mexico distributors. We can see with our mind and heart a great network marketing company. We thank the person who we most admire and look to: our Lord Jesus Christ, because He has allowed us to be part of this bright future. We’re also thankful to all the leaders of our organization.

At 4Life, we have unique and patented products and the best compensation plan in the world. We have an educational system based in principles and values. The 4Life Mexico family wants to help you experience success! Make the decision to join us in our mission of Together, Building People®!
“The view has to do with the present; but vision is about the future.”