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Costa Rica

Carlos Herrera & Patricia Marchena

From the time that I was a child, I always wanted to
improve my lifestyle. My parents were field workers.
They earned enough to get by, but not enough for me
to go to college. So, little by little I gravitated to the
idea of becoming a professional and improving the
conditions in which I lived. I became an obstetrician
and worked for 25 years in a hospital. I was blessed
with a beautiful family and my life went on just millions
of others around the world… working, working and
working, with increasing debt.
When 4Life came into my life, I felt in my heart that this was the opportunity for me.
Eventually I was able to quit my traditional job and today my life is very happy, as
is the life of my family. I thank my friends and associates for being a team of great
leaders who continue to impact the lives of thousands of other people around the
world. And, thank you to 4Life. You changed my life.