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Arminda Parada De Bascope

When I was a child, my family lived on a small farm. I always felt in my heart there was a better life out there, and my biggest dream was to help my parents become successful. My father encouraged me to aspire to great things, and always told me I could accomplish anything. He said I was unique and that I must remember to love God and my neighbor.

When my daughter, Karlita, introduced me to 4Life, I fell in love with the amazing products. I felt a great passion for the business opportunity and I knew it would allow me to help others build better lives. I finally feel like I am fulfilling my life purpose. With 4Life, I can enjoy financial freedom while helping families in need.

Since I joined 4Life, I’ve been very happy and I have enjoyed wonderful health benefits from using the products.* I won’t rest until I see the members of my downline achieve the same level success!

I’m thankful to my family for supporting my efforts and I appreciate my team members for believing in me and sharing the 4Life vision: Together, Building People®.