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Alma Rosa & Juan Daniel González

Four years ago, we were totally involved in agriculture and had developed several initiatives in this industry, with the purpose of adding value to our produce and make a good living. But our situation was becoming more competitive because of globalization, economic challenges, and climate changes. We had lost any hope of improvement and felt very defeated!

That is when we were introduced to the 4Life opportunity. We didn’t quite understood how it worked, but something within our hearts said that this was our life opportunity. At the beginning it wasn’t easy. It took us almost a year of hard unstoppable work, practically without any outcome, because nobody believed in us. Nevertheless, we still believed that through this opportunity we could make our dreams come true, pay off our debts, put our daughters in the best schools, help our family, and most importantly, contribute to society.

All this was possible because we were open to being taught by the educational system of the International Networkers Team through the professionals in the network marketing industry. We also like the fact that we are able to help encourage and enhance human principles and moral values.

I want to thank our mentors, who have always supported us, Gold International Diamonds Iván Rodríguez and Marie Márquez. We also want to thank 4Life for its compensation plan and its mission of Together, Building People. We thank God for putting this great opportunity in our path and to those people who introduced it to us, because this company has changed our lifestyle and that of many other families.