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Carlos Melis & Marcela Núñez

Before I joined 4Life, my friend and I had a business and we generated a good income. One day, he talked to me about 4Life and all of the great benefits of the business and the products. At first, I only observed him while he built his business. I was very skeptical until I saw his results. Then, I began developing my 4Life business in Guadalajara. Everything started with my desire to generate some extra income, but now it has grown so much that 4Life is my main source of income. Building a 4Life business gives me more time to spend with my wife and pursue my hobbies.

I want to thank my upline for supporting me, and I want to thank the company for the great products we get to sell. But I’m mostly thankful that God put the right people in our way so that we could reach this achievement. I want to congratulate my frontline distributors. They have achieved the ranks of Presidential Diamond and Diamond, thanks to their excellent teamwork and the effort they put into the business. Thank you, 4Life, for the great business opportunity you have provided.