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Florida, US

Anthony Rodríguez & Brenda Feliciano

I will never forget my first experience with 4Life, a rally in Puerto Rico, February 2004. At the time I didn’t really understand the business but I could see that the people in the audience were successful. I envisioned myself as an entrepreneur and began to do whatever was necessary to reach the next level. Today, my wife and I know what we want and where we’re going. We have a completely different lifestyle. We are changing lives and Taking Transfer Factor to the World®. I thank God for helping us get to this point. As an International Diamond I feel like a successful entrepreneur, even though I know I still have more to accomplish. I feel a great sense of responsibility towards my business and my entire organization. I want to thank John and Cynthia Rosado for presenting the opportunity to us, and to Felipe Rivera for being a guiding light for our organization. Establish your dream. Get started and work towards your goals. Don’t get sidetracked by problems, hurdles, and negative people. Together, we’ll make it happen!