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Texas, US

Catalina Rodarte

I learned about the 4Life business opportunity in 2009 from my youngest brother, International Diamond Ricardo Ríos, who is from Mexico.

At that time, I was in my last year of school. I studied chemistry and my goal was to work in a medical lab. The 4Life opportunity caught my attention because I could see how it could help me avoid becoming an employee that worked long hours in some hospital. I liked the idea of living a life without financial stress and I felt that I had a winning lottery ticket because the price to get started with my business was so affordable. I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

It wasn’t easy in the beginning. I spent ten hours per day working my internship and attending school, and I regularly scheduled activities in the evenings and on the weekend. My plate was full! Sometimes I found myself sharing the business opportunity with prospects when it was almost midnight. Even though so many people said no, I persevered and achieved the rank of Diamond a year after I joined 4Life. I accomplished the rank of Presidential Diamond a year and a half after that.

Today I’m realizing my dreams through this wonderful business opportunity thanks to 4Life, the International Networker’s Team, and my upline,. This project has changed my life. It has given me lifestyle freedom and it enables me to help others live this unique lifestyle.

My next goal is to achieve membership in the million dollar club before the next 4Life convention.