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Enrique Quintero & Adriana Mora

We’re thankful to God for providing the opportunity that has lead to this achievement. We’re also thankful to our upline for their commitment, dedication, and efforts. We owe our success to a group of friends who provided us with their unconditional support and helped us build a wonderful team. This group was led by Platinum International Diamonds Miguel Bermúdez Marín and William Soto, as well as Gold International Diamonds Alfonso Acero and Lina María Orrego, International Diamond Manuel Francisco Daza, Gold International Diamond Antonio González, and many friends from the International Networkers Team. Their love supported us while we built our financial freedom. They helped us establish a strong foundation of faith and values that we were able to rely on as we created an international organization and pursued our vision of achieving our goals and dreams.

I’m happy that my wife has been with me on this path to financial freedom. We learned that at first, you have to break from many paradigms, but with guidance from God and the many leaders who have always been at our sides, we are achieving great results. Adriana has been able to leave her demanding job and now works more productively and intelligently from our home. Seeing the daily growth and the personal and professional fulfillment of my family members has provided the greatest gift of all—happiness!