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Florida, US

Alfredo & Georgia Rodriguez

When I found out about this opportunity through two great friends, my financial situation was poor. I had lost my job and my husband was struggling to start his own company.

I had many goals and dreams when I first came to the United States, but my priority was to help my family in Cuba. Despite being a trained doctor, I had to start from scratch when I got here. My first job was at a day care where I looked after 12 one-year-olds. I also worked as a cleaner for several companies, as a cook, and at a flea market. Once I learned English, I started helping several doctors in the Orlando area.

My husband and I thought that having our own business would be the solution to our financial problems, so he started his own company. I was unemployed and decided to give the 4Life opportunity a try. I soon learned that I had joined an innovative research company that is creating and patenting the best products in preventive medicine. Through the International Networkers Team, I met extraordinary people who trained me and helped me understand the industry. Years later when my husband had to close his business, we were already stable financially.

Now we are able to realize many of our dreams. Being with my family has always been the most important thing to me. Today, I get to enjoy spending time with my mother here at home. Thanks to 4Life, we enjoy an extraordinary quality of life and we can afford whatever we need. When my mother came to the United States, she had to give up our home in Cuba to the government. However, now I can afford to buy her a dream home right here.

I have not had a traditional job for seven years, and my husband is focused on our 4Life business as well. We now know that anything is possible. It's amazing how one decision has impacted not only our family, but many others as well. We plan to continue growing our business throughout the world.