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Diamant International Or
Florida, US

Carmen Nuñez & Juan Rodríguez

When I learned about 4Life, I was living in the Dominican Republic and going through an extreme financial crisis. I had lost everything through a traditional business venture. We decided my husband should go to New York for a while and I would stay home to see if any new opportunities arose.

It was at this time that a friend invited me to a business meeting that he thought might interest me. At the meeting, I saw a path toward freedom for me and my family, and my heart was filled with hope. I believed in the possibilities of the 4Life business opportunity. My friends and family had doubts, but I decided to go for it. Once I committed to 4Life, I never gave up, although it wasn’t always easy. I had to overcome many challenges to achieve my goals. After four years with 4Life, my husband retired from his job, and now we work on our business as a family.

I thank God for bringing me this opportunity and for giving me the strength to achieve my goals. I also thank my mentors, Gold International Diamonds Esdras Cabrera Alberto and Jose Luis Martinez, for their unconditional support, and my team, because without them, this wouldn’t have been possible.