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Enrique & Ma. Luisa Astudillo

I’ve always looked for opportunities, but before learning about 4Life, I had a typical full-time job. I was certain that there were better income alternatives and that’s when I began the search that led me to network marketing. I knew I was on the right path as I noticed the world’s economic trends, and I knew that I needed an opportunity that would change my life. My search became more earnest after both my wife and I lost our jobs. We sank into debt and I began to feel desperate as our family began to disintegrate and my health started to decline. I asked God to help me, so that I could provide for my family and for our future.
One day in the mail I received an invitation from Gold International Diamond Enrique Balboa to learn about 4Life. The energy of the people at the meeting filled me with excitement and I decided to join the company. It has become the most important project of my life. I have invested faith and maintained a committed attitude as I share this great opportunity with the people I love. Although 4Life products weren’t yet registered for sale in Mexico, we prepared for them to arrive by holding meetings and growing our team. 4Life entered Mexico a year later and Platinum International Diamond Dr. Herminio Nevárez came to mentor our team. It was exactly what I needed to move forward so that I could achieve my dreams.
It was a wonderful day when I accomplished the rank of Presidential Diamond. I was beginning to realize my dreams, and the dreams of my family. I was able to get out of debt and get my house back. And now, since achieving the rank of International Diamond, I’ve been able to realize even more dreams!